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Please donate today and join a community of supporters dedicated to providing clean water and improving the health of an entire community.


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The Problem:  In Sub-Saharan Africa, almost half of all the people are without clean drinking water.  In the EnviroOne project area in Sierra Leone, many people rely on unprotected water sources that are breeding grounds for pathogens.

Some of these water sources have also been impacted by contaminants from adjacent farming practices. People (mostly women and children) walk miles each day to fetch drinkable water.

Our Solution: EnviroOne has been drilling water wells to provide clean drinking water to those communities that depend on drinking water derived from contaminated sources. However, we need funds to continue expanding our area of coverage.


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Funds received will be used to drill wells and provide a mechanism for the on-going maintenance of the wells.

Simply put; you will be saving lives in ways you never imagined.

Experience:  EnviroOne has considerable experience in drilling new water wells and rehabilitating old ones for direct water consumption and evaluating the quality of the water in the well. We have completed two new wells and have rehabilitated one well, impacting over 500 people. We are in the process of drilling a fourth well.

Method:  Before drilling any well, EnviroOne will hold community meetings with all stakeholders to evaluate the needs, and responsibilities for the upkeep of the well.


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A trained hydrogeologist will then determine what the most appropriate location of the well will be not just for its ability to tap highly productive water bearing zones, but also in relation to human and natural activities that have a potential to contaminate the water in the well.

Next, EnviroOne will select the appropriate technology, drilling expertise, acquire the necessary permits and supplies, and then begin the work.

After well installation is completed, EnviroOne will train the communities about their water source and water well maintenance.


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Water Project Costs:  Water well project costs will vary widely from community to community based on differences in geology, climate, culture, local economies, and many other factors.  Even within a community, the cost will depend partly on the exact well location and the technologies employed to dill and develop the well.  Well construction and development costs can vary from $6,000 to over $20,000.  For each well we drill in a community, we also address the various aspects of community-building and long term impact to its residents.

Evaluation/Reporting: EnviroOne will provide you with an in-depth project report for each well you sponsor.  The report will detail the well location including GPS coordinates, drilling method used, potential impact of water well including number of people it serves, and photographs of the process and completed water well project.

Sponsorship: Every donation is helpful in funding a specific village.  Would you consider a gift of at least $20 per month to sponsor the construction of a drinking water well?

You will join a community of supporters dedicated to lifting a village out of poverty and you will receive regular news and information on the progress of your water well from our monthly newsletter.

Also, from our on-line blog, you can read and post comments of friendship and encouragement on your water well.