Sponsor a Farm


Please donate today and join a community of supporters dedicated to lifting a farmer and his entire family out of poverty.



The Problem: Agriculture contributes about half of the GDP and provides employment for about two-thirds of the population in Sierra Leone. Yet about a quarter of the people is still food-poor and cannot afford a basic diet while almost two-thirds live below the poverty line.

Poverty-induced extreme hunger has pushed many farmers and households to the edge of economic survival.

Many children are not educated because the parents cannot afford the cost of education and children are forced to work in the family farms.


Our solution:  EnviroOne has been working to: improve food security within the farm community; reduce poverty and create jobs; build the capacity of farmers; and help the farmers increase the demand for produce from their farms. However, the continued success of this program requires your help.




Experience:  We have experienced extension agents that work with farmers to improve the agriculture value chain including enhanced crop production, processing, and distribution of harvested crops to markets.


Method:   Our target region (Tonkolili District) is one of the most disadvantaged farming districts in the country.  It has contributed the most towards Sierra Leone achieving one of the lowest human development index (HDI) in the world.

With your financial contribution, EnviroOne will help the farmers to organize as a farmer-based organization that would help them with acquiring needed inputs from suppliers.



Your money will also help to purchase green houses with drip irrigation systems that will increase crop production significantly and move the farmers from subsistence farming to farming as a business.

We will build the capacity of farmers as they learn the basics of farming and manage their economies.

EnviroOne has started to create relationships between family farmers, and the companies and businesses that access larger markets including public institutions, hotels, and supermarkets in Sierra Leone. With your funding, we will help the farmer produce good and healthy crops from their farms which will in turn increase the demand for produce from these family farms by consumers and businesses.



Project CostsBuilding sustainable farming communities is an expensive endeavour. A family farm can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 to operate.  One green house package that includes training, installation, inputs, soil testing, irrigation system, and on-going agronomic support to the farmer costs from $7,000 and above depending on the selected package.


Evaluation/Reporting: Regardless of how much you give, you’ll receive an annul report.  For impact evaluation, we will collect baseline data including farmer profile, farm location, GPS, photos and videos and compare it with data collected continuously as farming progresses.


Sponsorship: Every donation is helpful in funding a specific farmer. Would you consider a gift of at least $20 per month to sponsor a farmer in desperate need of your help? Your money will be used to help farmers increase their crop production significantly and thus move the farmers from subsistence farming to farming as a business.

This may include, but not limited to the purchasing of green houses, drip irrigation systems, and building the capacity of farmers as they learn the basics of farming and manage their farming enterprises.

You will join a community of supporters dedicated to lifting a farmer out of poverty and you will receive regular news and information on the progress of your farmer from our monthly newsletter.

Also, from our on-line blog, you can read and post comments of friendship and encouragement on your farmer.