Our Team

EnviroOne is run by a seven-member board of directors.  The day-to-day activities are carried out by a talented and dedicated team of individuals in the US and abroad that strongly believe in the EnviroOne mission.


Meet the EnviroOne Team


David M Kargbo, PhD. Dr. Kargbo is Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO of EnviroOne.  He holds MS and PhD degrees in Agronomy (Soil Science specialty) from the University of Nebraska. As a former Food & Agricultural Organization Fellow, an adjunct professor of environmental engineering at Temple University, and a senior scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency, Dave brings his passion for helping people achieve their utmost potential to the EnviroOne crusade. He is the creator of EnviroOne’s vision that has inspired the entire EnviroOne community and its beneficiaries. He has published extensively and the recipient of numerous awards including gold medal from the US government.  Dave is responsible for the overall management of EnviroOne.

Mark Nastasi, MBA. Mark Nastasi is one of the key members of EnviroOne.  He leads our smart valve team in software engineering and robitics development and systems production to benefit the EnviroOne community. Mark has over 18 years of computer software engineering and is highly skilled in robotic engineering, Andriod Phone Application development, and sensor technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s from Rutgers University School of Business with a Major in Finance and a Minor in Management Information Systems and a Master’s Degree from Drexel University.  He developed leading legal management software applications, founded CobbleStone Systems a computer software company, and is co-founder of EnviroOne.


Hardik Gandhi, BSc.  Mr Gandhi holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from A. D. Patel Institute of Technology, in Anand, India. Mr. Gandhi comes to EnviroOne with experience in designing intelligent systems including games, Human Machine Interface, Graphics LCD with touch screen and PIC controller, and printed circuit board. He is assisting the EnviroOne team in the area of sensor technologies as we expand on our goal to provide more cost effective solutions to our clients. He comes from Temple University where he is currently working towards his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Paul Koroma, MSc.  Paul is head of EnviroOne’s agricultural activities in Sierra Leone.   He holds a Master’s degree in agriculture from Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, Moscow, USSR.  Paul has worked for 36 years with government institutions and integrated donor-funded development projects in various parts of Sierra Leone.  He was Deputy Project Manager in the Northern Integrated Agricultural Development Project, and Assistant Project Coordinator in the AfDB-funded Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project (ASREP).  Farmers have benefited tremendously from his activities as EnviroOne extension agent.

Dawn Flitcraft, BSc. Dawn is a member of EnviroOne’s Board of Directors.  She is currently Vice President, Service Delivery at BioClinica headquartered in Princeton NJ. Dawn holds a BSc degree in Biology and Nuclear Medicine. She joined BioClinica as Director of Project Management and has held various management positions over the last 14+ years.  Her tenure across the pharmaceutical and biotech business segments continues to drive her passion to connect people, process and technology with the goal of providing life-changing solutions for at-need patients worldwide.  Dawn brings this same knowledge and passion to EnviroOne especially in the arena of community health and clean drinking water.

Iysha Kargbo, BSW.  Iysha has a passion for helping children and the under previledged and heads the education/capacity building program of EnviroOne. She holds a Bachelor in Social Work degree from Rutgers University. She is also assisting EnviroOne in developing public health programs that complement our All It Takes Is 3 activities.


Eric Montague, BBA (2016).  Eric is one of our latest in the EnviroOne team working as an Intern in the area of program development.   He has been a very valuable team member, taking on difficult yet exciting tasks.  Eric majors in Marketing with a Minor in Management Information Systems at the FOX School of Business at Temple University. Among his numerous activities, Eric is a member of the American Marketing Association and a Jazz Saxophonist.


Judith Rosenberg, BA (2016). Judith is our latest in the EnviroOne team working as an Intern in developing an Urban Community Garden program for developing nations like Sierra Leone.  She majors in Environmental Studies and Geography at Towson University in Maryland. Judith recently studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa on the complex relationship between environment, social inequality, and economic conditions.  She will use her knowledge on social inequality and issues related to the impact of food deserts and lack of access to proper food in developing EnviroOne’s Community Garden program.

tim conaway

Tim Conaway, B.A.  Tim has been an invaluable addition to the EnviroOne media team; taking the lead on our magazine, newsletter, and other media-related issues.  He holds a B.A degree in Media Communications from Asbury University, where he graduated from in 2011.  He is currently the media director for Trinity United Methodist Church in Mullica Hill, NJ.  Tim does freelance media work and works in education.

Julia Brown, B.Sc.  Julia is responsible for our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) and continuously updates these media outlets for the benefit of our loyal and expanding followers. She has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Penn State University and is extremely passionate about sustainable livestock production, specifically within the dairy and sheep/goat industries.  As an animal scientist, Julia is well aware of the issues that our world faces as we strive to feed a growing population with limited resources in a changing climate.  She joined EnviroOne to help communicate these issues to the public so that, as a global community, we can work together to improve our planet.

Dan Koroma, PhDDr. Koroma is a member of EnviroOne’s Board of Directors and has volunteered in the EnviroOne program development.  He is an Environmental Policy Analyst with the Department of Ecology in Washington State.  Dan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Ag Economics (University of Reading), a Masters in Agricultural Economics (University of Nebraska), and a Ph.D. in Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences (Washington State University).

Willie Faulkner, BSc.  Mr Faulkner is a key adviser to EnviroOne on human development issues.  He graduated from Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a distinction in Development Economics. He is the proprietor/owner at Enterprise of Faulkner and Muna (EF&M), a registered small business enterprise that serves the community in areas such as affidavits, power of attorney, and other community services.  He is the author of the popular 2014 book, “Understanding Sierra Leone’s Development: Is Sierra Leone underdeveloped or in transition?”

Samuel Yamba.  Samuel works within the agricultural program of EnviroOne. He heads the farm operations in the EnviroOne’s agriculture program located in Lower Yoni Chiefdom in Sierra Leone. Samuel is a retiree from the Sierra Leone Police Force. He is a people’s person whose daily interractions with the communities has greatly increased cooperation between EnviroOne and project beneficiriea.

Marjorie Rosenblum, B.Sc.  Marj retired from the Philadelphia public schools.  She has traveled widely in Africa and Asia and taught English as a Second Language in several countries including Japan, China and Myanmar. She has volunteered for EnviroOne and travelled to Sierra Leone to assist in the agriculture project.  Marj holds a BS in English from St. Joseph’s University, a Master’s in Education from Temple University and a Master’s in Theology from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, all in the Philadelphia area.

Bai K. Kamara, MEd.  Bai has volunteered in strategy development on human resources and agricultural services for EnviroOne.   He is a family services specialist with the State of New Jersey and a behavior specialist consultant for a period of more than 10 years. Bai holds a BA in Politics & Philosophy (University of Sierra Leone), a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Administration (University of Birmingham, England) , and a Masters degree in education (Temple University).  Bai served the Government of Sierra Leone for 20 years in various human resources management and financial administration capacities.


Vivian Kargbo, CNA/ HHA.  Vivian heads EnviroOne’s fundraising component for the north east USA corridor.  She is a certified CNA/ HHA and is the owner and operator of Boston Clean and Care, a company that provides the best quality service with compassion and understanding while focussing on the needs of the clients.


Hajaratu F. Bangura, B.Sc.  Haja heads the educational sector of EnviroOne’s microfinance operations.  She holds a BS in Agricultural Education and Development with a concentration in microfinance from the University of Sierra Leone.  She is the Project Manager Women Won’t Wait Development Association (WOWOWADA), an organization developed to build the capacity of women in entrepreneurship skills, advocate for gender equality and equity, support women with micro-finance loans to improve their socio-economic livelihoods.

Gibril Lewis.  Mr Lewis is a Credit Officer for EnviroOne’s microfinance program. Gibril has had a long career in the microfinance sector.  Prior to joining EnviroOne, he was a senior credit officer with Finance Sierra Leone, the largest microfinance company in Sierra Leone.

Tara Nastasi.  Tara is a board member of EnviroOne.  She is President of CobbleStone Systems and has provided support to EnviroOne programs in the US and abroad.

Ibrahim Hassan.  Ibrahim is a volunteer in the agriculture sector of EnviroOne.  He is co-founder of Ebee’s Insurance and Auto Tags, a Pennsylvania based enterprise that offers insurance (life, health, auto commercial) and vehicle services (registration, renewal, title, and notary) on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania. Ibrahim hals from from one of our project sites and has established invaluable connections for EnviroOne.