EnviroOne Internship Program


What is the EnviroOne Internship Program?



An internship with EnviroOne will get you hands-on work experience with a wide range of people, programs, and responsibilities that will ready you for future jobs.

Our internship program leaves room for creativity and great opportunities for research with our partner universities.





What are the main duties of an EnviroOne Intern?

You will be assigned a variety of tasks and projects depending on your area of expertise and interest.animal sci_270X220

Currently, volunteers are needed in the areas of:

  • Marketing;
  • Fundraising;
  • Web development;
  • Media and communication;
  • IT/management information systems; and
  • EnviroOne projects (agriculture, clean water, micro-finance, education).

Interns will work alongside with project managers and Ambassadors who will mentor them.


How can I become an EnviroOne Intern?

Please contact us ( or complete the form below if you wish to intern at EnviroOne. Your information (including your email address) will not be published.

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