EnviroOne Ambassador Program


What is the EnviroOne Ambassador Program?



The EnviroOne Ambassador program is designed to spread awareness about EnviroOne’s programs and how these programs effect positive change in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged women and children we serve.

As an ambassador, you are EnvioOne’s representative on a specific project and in some cases can act as the project manager.



on flight_270X220What are the main duties of an EnviroOne Ambassador?

EnviroOne Ambassadors can acquire new volunteers, donors, corporate partners, speakers, and sponsors for specific projects they champion or manage.

Like volunteers, EnviroOne Ambassadors are encouraged to have a web presence through which they can develop their own project(s) and rally their friends and family to support their project.

As part of our brand family representative, you will interact with fellow ambassadors working on similar projects.


How can I become an EnviroOne Ambassador?

Having volunteer training and experience in the applicable field is essential and helpful to become and EnviroOne ambassador.

Please read the section on the various ways you can become an EnviroOne volunteer.  However, motivated applicants without the volunteer experience are encouraged to apply.

Please contact us ( or complete the form below if you wish to become an EnviroOne Ambassador. Your information (including your email address) will not be published.

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